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Tax Resolution

If you are facing IRS or state levies or garnishments, or if you owe back taxes or have unfiled returns, the attorneys at Cope Law Group can assist in stopping or avoiding painful collection action. Our attorneys help individuals and small businesses get compliant with their tax filings and work out alternatives to collection action including offers in compromise (settlements), payment arrangements, penalty abatements, and discharging taxes via bankruptcy. We tailor a plan unique to each client’s needs and circumstances that allows clients to focus on their lives and not their taxes.

Cope Law Group Can:

  • Negotiate a settlement of your tax debt for a fraction of what you owe 
  • Prevent or remove wage garnishments or other property seizures
  • Prevent bank levies
  • Remove IRS tax liens
  • Remove penalty charges
  • Eliminate meetings between you and an IRS auditor
  • Resolve sales, payroll, and other tax issues
  • Work out a reasonable payment arrangement (installment agreement) or currently not collectible status


in front of the IRS and provides the following tax relief services:

Offer in Compromise

The IRS and many states have a settlement program known as an “offer in compromise” that allows us to negotiate a settlement for a fraction of what is owed. This method can be used to eliminate a tax debt and give a taxpayer a fresh start. The basis for the IRS accepting an offer in compromise is that there is a ‘doubt as to collectability”, meaning that the IRS would likely not be able to collect the entire amount owed, or that exceptional circumstances would make paying your full tax bill unfair or inequitable. Cope Law Group can verify if this is a potential option for your situation and handle this complicated process for you.

Tax Preparation

Cope Law Group can prepare your annual or quarterly tax returns. Our tax preparer is experienced, efficient, and focuses on getting the maximum result for the client while minimizing the client’s stress of this regular process.

Audit Representation

Cope Law Group can be a buffer between you or your business and the IRS auditor. We have significant experience defending tax audits and ensuring that taxpayers receive fair treatment throughout the audit process.

Penalty Abatement

Cope Law Group can assist you in getting penalties removed from your tax debt, resulting in a significant reduction in UT taxes owed.

Installment Agreement

An installment agreement is a payment arrangement with the IRS or state taxing authority. Cope Law Group, a tax attorney Utah firm can analyze your ability to pay and work out a minimal payment arrangement on your tax debt.

Currently not collectible

Currently not collectible is when the IRS ceases collection action on a taxpayer because it creates a hardship on the taxpayer. If repayment of your tax liability would create a significant hardship, Cope Law Group can help you get placed on this status to cease collection action. The IRS often requests updates every year to two years to verify if a hardship still exists.

Un-filed tax returns

If you have unfiled tax returns or if the IRS is threatening to file a tax return for you, Cope Law Group can assist you in getting those returns prepared in the most efficient, practical way. Unfiled tax returns are often stressful because taxpayers may not have complete information to prepare the returns. Cope Law Group can use its resources to assist in gathering that information and provide advice on what to do when documentation is not available.

Tax-motivated bankruptcy

Certain taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. Attorneys Kyle Cramer and Cameron Cope have assisted many clients discharge taxes through the bankruptcy process.

Lien, levy, and wage garnishment removal

If the IRS is threatening to lien, levy or garnish your wages, or is already doing so, Cope Law Group can stop or prevent these collection actions.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)

If your business failed to pay its payroll taxes, the IRS can assess a portion of this tax to individuals who are responsible for collecting and paying those taxes. This can include, officers, members, and employees with signature authority on bank accounts. If this IRS is threatening to assess this penalty, Cope Law Group can provide representation during this process, to ensure that the penalty is not assessed on non-responsible parties. If the penalty has already been assessed, we can create an action plan to ensure the penalty is repaid in a way that is least harmful to you and your business. Trust Fund Recovery Penalties are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT, aka sales tax)

Cope Law Group can assist in preparing unfiled TPT returns, seeking penalty abatements, and work on resolution of any unpaid TPT liabilities.

Tax Appeals and Tax Court Representation

Did the IRS make an audit determination without your knowledge, or did your auditor not allow everything you provided? Cope Law Group can represent you in appealing your audit or even challenging the audit in tax court. 

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